Battle Through Time

by Undrask

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Entity1 The guys kick some serious ass! Awesome progression in every song not only on this album, although them being such an absolute hit for me on their self entitled, Battle Through Time shows the writing as well as musicianship is there and here to stay. Love the sense of humor this guy's share as you see in the video for Longhammer, reminds me of the crazy movies and dumb shit I use to make with my friends. These guy's need to pay a visit to Richmond VA, I'll get the first round at the Gwar Bar! ha. Favorite track: Battle Through Time.
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metalmatty Headbanging melo-death with some seriously virtuoso soloing - love it! Favorite track: Primal Revelation.
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Undrask's debut LP

Follow our hero on a journey through, time, space, alternate realities, and lots of violence.


released January 27, 2017

Undrask is:
Erik Collier - Lead Guitar
Darryl DeWitt - Rhythm Guitar
Daniel McCoy - Bass Guitar
Aaron Schimmel - Drums
Steve Wynn - Vocals

Produced by Undrask and Jamie King

Drum and Vocal recording and engineering by Jamie King at The Basement Recording

Guitar and Bass recorded at Endrick Studios, engineered by Jamie King

Mixed and Mastered by Jamie King

Artwork by Jan Yrlund

Music by Darryl DeWitt, Erik Collier, and Aaron Schimmel

Lyrics by Steve Wynn, Darryl DeWitt, Erik Collier, Daniel McCoy, and Aaron Schimmel

Additional writing credit for Primal Revelation bass: James Pelaez

Backing effects for Embers and Omens by Ryujixepic

Undrask thanks: Jamie King, James Pelaez, Doug Spears, Johannes Kriebs, Ashley Hanks, Jessie Rodgers, Travis Roach, Sam Pozo and Mindjakked, Duskmourn, Malphas, Justin Reich, Brandon Miller, Joh Harp, Lee Troutman, Matt Patterson, Klint Briggz, DeAnna Jones, Greg and Suzanne Zolas, Tommy Purnil, Ed Connell, J Crow and that dude Morgan, DJ Corvus and Metal Messiah, Dead Rhetoric, Metalhead Alliance, The Metal radio, The Metal webzine, and most importantly Amanda, Abbie, Kim, and Frankie


all rights reserved



Undrask Greensboro, North Carolina

Undrask formed in August 2013 with the goal of creating equal parts tasty and heavy melodic death metal. Inspired by metal of all flavors, our debut EP and subsequent LP, Battle Through Time, offer a sample of our special brew – a dash of brutal, a heap of melody, a bit of groove, and a whole lot of metal. ... more

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Track Name: No Graves for the Dead
Relentless dead
Decaying vessels of flesh
Aim for their heads
They fall but more overwhelm us
Torn limb from limb
We fight but cannot survive this
Panic setting in
Retreat we will not die today

Desperate flight
No escape from their death-glazed eyes
Surrounded by blight
Allies fall feeding their onslaught
Wading through rot
Asylum appears through horror and haze
The refuge we sought
Entombed alive, the dead now thrive

Endless rows of mindless foes
As we die, their numbers grow
Rip through flesh and crush their skulls
Destroy them all before we fall
No graves for the dead

Board up the door
Extinction bearing down
No time to mourn
Repel the clutches of madness
Silence within
We reach for fleeting false hope
Darkness floods in
The clamor of fate, our deaths await


Crippled by pain
Eyes adjust to a world in red
Efforts in vain
Gore-splattered walls bear witness failure
Hunger consumes
Last shred of humanity fading
Merciless doom
Restless demise, respite denied


The dead
No graves for the dead
The dead

Will not die
Dead now thrive
Death awaits
Respite denied
Track Name: Conscripted
Twist through the void
Reveal a world unknown,
Memories flooding in
A life destroyed

And now reborn
In battle, forging fate
Prepared to die once more
No cause to mourn

Rise again
For conflict without end
Embrace eternal war
Live again
Unbound by death and fate of men
I fall, I rise again

Press the attack
Thoughts lost in battle’s haze
No time to contemplate
Only react

Embracing rage
Familiar friend we dance destroying all
Freed from the cage


Ten thousand slain
Drenched in death, muscles ache
Feel the bitter bite of mortal pain

One final stand
Blood spilled for blood
Elation overwhelms
Once more demand

Track Name: Champion of the Dawn
Awaken, unearthly cry
The demon comes for blood and
Takes them into the night
They cling to hope but are forsaken
The helpless fall
Sorrow grips them they beseech me
My righteous cause
I rise to stand against the

Harbinger of night
Writhing darkness
Sheltered by the light
I bring vengeance

I must hunt this vile blight
End this torment
Turn the tempting bite
March on
Of the dawn

Arrival, This ghastly den
With focus sharp as steel I press on
To bring this end
One last hope for their survival
This burden mine
The creature lies in darkness, hiding
Now is the time
I draw my blade to slay the


The landscape glows
Enticing form entreating, my eyes
The moonlight shows
I clutch my sword
her smile concealing,
Her wicked need
Enthralled by kiss of darkness,
Binding, Her will I heed
Embraced by

Maddening urge to

Harbinger of night
Soothing darkness
Tortured by the light
I bring vengeance
I must hunt this vile blight
End their torment
Show them all our might

March on

March on

March on
Of the night
Track Name: Black Ocean
Invaders come from distant lands,
Broken lives
Enslaved, this oppression cannot stand,
This time
Unrestrained vengeance guides our hand,

Sailing by moonlight, approach concealed
Preparing this night, our will shall not yield
Colossus adrift, revealed through the mist
Inspiring terror for those who resist
The shadows our guide,
In darkness we hide
Embracing the fury, our rage turns the tide


Boarding in silence, this vessel our claim
Striking with violence, death is our name
The crew we collect,
our blades at their necks
Dragged from their quarters,
their blood floods the deck
The verdict is cast, the corpses amass
Our enemies gutted, impaled on the mast

The bodies sink into the deep
And yet the threat remains
With this prize as our veil,
Their home will bear witness
As we break our chains

The city in sight, blind to its plight
Defenses complacent, secure in their might
Starved by a hate, their deaths cannot sate
Is battle eternal our gods-chosen fate?

Invaders come from distant lands,
Broken lives
Enslaved, this obsession we withstand,
For all time
Unrestrained vengeance guides our hand,
Proclaim to our sons this one command,
Let none
Track Name: Embers and Omens
Track Name: Longhammer
Legend speaks of a mighty force
Sealed in its chamber, dormant for ages
Victims it enslaves will feel no remorse
Ripped from its tomb, the power rages
Flowing forth from a molten prison
Finding form in the ancient mold
Grasp the aspect of destruction arisen
Gods grant the name of the weapon I hold

Forged in the foundry of fire and steel
Blurring the boundaries of all that is real
Splitting the skulls of both ally and foe
Erase inhibitions, its essence bestowed

Thrust into battle, I raise the Hammer high
Restraining the fury contained within
Pounding it down with a merciless cry
Breaking the spirits of lesser men
Havoc ensues in a murderous haze
The Hammer crushes, a relentless tide
Shouts of triumph sounding out the Hammer’s praise
Cry out its name as I raise it to the sky


Destroy the last with a terrifying blow
Growing weary as time pays no mind
I drop the Hammer as I hear the raven’s crow
A canvas of death is all that’s left behind
Piercing the silence, the wailing cries of agony
First morning light reveals a form through the gloom
Another champion of The Power I see
Grasping Longhammer I rush to bring his doom
Track Name: Primal Revelation
Lead and steel, meet flesh and bone
We carve our path,
Through the waste we call our home
The beasts we ride
Must quench their thirst
Syphoning life blood from slumbering prey,
We toil in madness
Forever cursed

Born of a broken world
Innocence stripped away, instinct drives us
Sanity, humanity unfurled

Miles unending, waging war
Relentless horde,
Those we cross will live no more
Drawn to fear
Consume the weak
They plea for mercy and beg for peace,
Not knowing we bring them the peace they seek

Born of a broken world
Innocence stripped away, instinct drives us
Sanity, humanity unfurled
Primal Revelation

Born of a broken world
Innocence stripped away, instinct drives us
Sanity, humanity unfurled

We are born of a broken world
Innocence stripped away, instinct drives us
Sanity, humanity unfurled
Primal Revelation
Track Name: Faceless Eyes
Faceless eyes
Darkness in disguise
From shadows
They rise
To take your life

Stalking, they’re watching, waiting,
For the chance to strike
Their weapons thirsting, hating,
You can’t escape from the


Step aside I’ll kill them all
Bring their demise
Prepared to fail or watch them fall
Death claims his prize
No honor, no glory,
The cowards hide
I’ll seek them out and bring their end
They all must die


Striking, their forms are revealed
Flashing blades and blood
Retreat to blackness, concealed
You’ve been claimed by the


And broken
Vow spoken

Rising to my feet again and pushing through the pain
I feel the rage build up inside of me my will cannot be
Justice for the fallen bids me rise to heed the call
of hate within
To kill them all

Faceless eyes
Darkness in disguise
From shadows
They rise
Vengeance blinds you to the
Faceless eyes
Darkness in disguise
From shadows
They rise

To take your life
Track Name: Final Right
War shattered mind
Splintered visions of time
Sanity declines
As this new reality aligns

Blinded by the shine of steel
I raise my shield, forced to kneel
Staggered, I draw my blade
Make this vow; they all shall pay
Rising, the fog recedes
Instinct leads, in pools they bleed
Onward my last attack
The world contorts and shifts to black


Choking, I gasp for air
Nothing spared, this land is bare
Searing flesh dissolves
Fate foretold in smoldering skulls
Howling death descends
Sky portends, an imminent end
Blinded, the earth ignites
In doom’s embrace, denied my final right

To forfeit life
Through this routine
Vacant passage

Once again
Paralyzed, blind in these eyes
Pain would be a welcome friend

Blinded eyes
Pain would be
A welcome friend

(Chorus) 2x

Kneeling, crawling, shaking, begging, lying, seizing,
let me die
Bleeding, gasping, burning, freezing, drowning, choking,
let me die
Screaming, falling, reaching, flailing, retching, kicking,
let me die
Clawing, tearing, ripping, slashing, stabbing, hacking,
let me die
Track Name: Battle Through Time
End of existence approaches
One final triumph at hand
Dark matter engine assembled
Calculated contingency plan
One mind, entangling, twisted
Escaped through inter-plane span
Unseen consequence of matter
Forced repetition of a failed program

Battle through time
Forced to battle
Battle through time

Unending lifetimes of torment
A broken mind overwhelmed
What cause to live once more?
What means to end this hell?
Unraveled mind weaves the vision
Fragments fall through sanity’s shell
Trans-Riemannian construct energizing
Diabolic dimensional spell


Ten billion lives, One scattered mind
A death deprived, Seek to unbind
These chains of fate, Are mortal made
Reprieve awaits, Find a way to this infernal gate

But first, blood will flow
Embrace the chaos let this plan unfold
Blades, bullets, weapons beyond
All are known
I live again a force of vengeance claimed
and violence sown

Slay them all
Let the red rage down in a crashing wave
Broken bodies in the wake of the warrior
Raining ruin onto those who resist the path
Of the chosen one
Champion of time and space
Forge ahead through passing eons
While the gate awaits
Ignore the pain focus only on the final fate
Mourn in vain for this
Endless grave

Across eternity and infinite worlds
Paths diverging from where it began
Return to nexus of creation
One final battle to win
Approaching the ominous monument
Transcendent technological sin
Dreaded memories, moments too late
Consumed within, reborn once again

(Chorus) 2x

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